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Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike

Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike

Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike   Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike

Sidi cycling shoes alba road race cycling road sports bike. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Shoes Sidi bike road alba. Choice of size: the Sidi shoes shake, it is advisable to choose a number more.

The alba Sidi shoes are perfect for training, tourism and even competitions. The stem Politex is to provide abrasion resistance and optimal protection, comfort is guaranteed by the closure system with double velcro and micrometric ratchet techno 3 system. The millennium 4 carbon composite sole is nylon injected carbon fiber, it therefore offers a greater stiffness than standard nylon sole. The Politex material is composed of several superimposed layers with different physical and mechanical properties, coupled to two fabrics (jersey + felt) that confer a particular tear strength and tear strength. The equipment is manufactured in the strictest compliance with European rules governing.

The techno-3 mechanism closes the shoe throughout its length, to adapt the stem to the shape of the foot and thus to obtain a custom fit. Locking systems Sidi reliable, fully replaceable, have been improved thanks to a new type of cable, which allows quick adjustment with extreme ease. Like most of the mechanisms used by Sidi, leverage techno-3 is robust and replaceable. Soft instep strap system 3.

This is a strap positioned on the instep, contoured, soft and anatomically coupled with a soft fabric for comfort. It distributes the pressure uniformly over the instep and fits on both sides to have a perfectly centered position of the strap according to the instep is low or high. The system eliminates the need to use a spacer.

The Sidi cycling shoes are equipped with a replaceable polyurethane heel on the heel. Heel Sidi Sidi heel cup. Reinforced heel that stabilizes and supports the heel.

Anatomically molded plastic, reduces slippage of the heel and provides greater power transfer. It gives more security in case of fall.

Millennium 4 carbon composite sole. Millennium 4 carbon composite is resistant, does not absorb water and is mechanically stable, that is to say less prone to stiffness variations resulting from prolonged use, aging, and changes in temperature or humidity .

Adopt a slip insert replaceable heel for easy walking. Millennium the composite carbon 4 is compatible with the best pedal systems and includes a lateral alignment and longitudinal scale printed on the base for positioning the stop, plus the ability to memorize the position of the cleat look. Payment must be made within 4 working days of the conclusion of the purchase. All orders for which payment is credited before 13:00 are shipped the same day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). In these cases, when you accept the goods, please sign with reserve mail carries up to two delivery attempts. If the address is incorrect and / or after two unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will remain in stock, so please contact us to request the release. This will be a minimum cost which will be borne by the buyer himself.

For this reason, it is recommended to verify that the address is correct and complete, and that there is always someone ready to deliver. Warning shipments by priority mail will not allow traceability. In case of loss of the parcel, Barbaro Sport srl disclaims all liability, claim a refund due to the loss of the package will be considered. For this reason, the negative comments are not allowed for non-receipt of goods.

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    Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike   Alba Sidi Shoes Road Cycling Race Cycling Road Bike