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Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes

Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes
Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes
Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes
Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes
Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes
Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes

Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes    Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes

Product model buddy and selly. Free shipping & return shipping (in de).

Velvet of graham & spencer. Loafers gucci in burgundy gr.

Condition of the object: very good. Typical label rubber pads on soles and heels. Signs on the operation and the insole. Material wear on the top of the shoe and heels. Textured surface partially of the material.

Partial abrasion of the material in the uppers on both sides. Please note the measurements because sizes vary by manufacturer.

An excellent quality of our proposed items is the first priority for us. For this reason, our time-consuming team has used all of our items to check and divide them into three categories. The following articles are differentiated at buddy & selly. Re: the product is new and unworn.

Very good: the item was already taken, is in good health and only has traces of second hand. Thus: the article was played more often, has normal used tracks and occasional failures.

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All prices of charges ttc. Free shipping & return shipping only in Germany. E-commerce as I want it. The item "gucci moccasins size 40.5 red flat men shoes" is on sale since Monday, February 11, 2019.

It is in the category "clothing, accessories \ men \ shoes \ casual shoes". The seller is "buddyandselly" and is located in / in Hamburg.

This item can be shipped to the following country: european union.
  1. style: moccasins
  2. sex: man
  3. color: red
  4. on: leather
  5. size: eur 40,5
  6. exact color: burgundy
  7. brand: gucci
  8. state: very good
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: c8k52897
  10. sole: leather / rubber
  11. material inside: leather
  12. style .: luxury
  13. ean: not applicable

Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes    Gucci Loafers Size D 40.5 Red Flat Men's Shoes