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Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling

Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling
Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling

Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling  Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling

Sidi genius 7 racing bike shoes for road sport road cycling. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Sidi Genius 7 road shoes 2017 shoes. Sidi shoes have a small recommended to take a larger measurement than the usual number microfiber microtech technologies this material has the characteristics of durability, stability, lightness, breathability, waterproofness and eco-compatibility, is produced by water treatment "water-tech".

Less environmental impact, less harmful emissions in the air, in the workplace and do not use solvents, but the water of the product favors the environment even the ultimate user. Instep soft 2 is a belt placed on the instep, shaped, flexible and anatomical coupled with a soft material for increased comfort. Evenly distributes pressure on the instep and sets on both sides for perfect centering of the instep strap is low or high. The system eliminates the need for a spacer. Caliper micrometric and patented setting by raising the central lever.

Increasing full unlocking of the buckle side or pressing the center button to slightly loosen the hold of one tooth at a time, is also adjustable in the running. Velcro high security bracelet with velcro strap that closes at the front of the shoe. Mask inside the plastic teeth that match each other when the belt is closed.

This feature makes the closure more secure and the strap becomes irremovable. Sidi heel the heel is reinforced to prevent deformed by prolonged pressure. Anti-slip heel sidi cycling shoes feature replaceable heel polyurethane heels. The heel of the millenium 5 sole has a new design and is very lightweight.

Sole millenium 5 the sole is made of nylon and redesigned millennium 5 loaded with carbon fiber. Carbon fusion with nylon has made the millennium unique carbon 5 resistant and less susceptible to changes in its technical characteristics, after prolonged use and continuous change at temperatures. Payment must be made within 4 working days to conclude purchase. "Payment during contacts at the courier company. You will need a phone number for the customer.

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This operation will have a minimal cost, which will be the load of the buyer. For this reason, it is advisable to check that the address is correct and complete, and that there is always someone ready to deliver.

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  1. style: strada
  2. ean: not applicable
  3. tipo closing: lever micrometric lever
  4. brand .: sidi
  5. brand: sidi
  6. Manufacturer Part Number: cgenius7
  7. Sole: millennium 5
  8. material: microfiber microtech

Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling  Sidi Genius 7 Running Bike Shoes For Road Sport Road Cycling