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Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red

Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red

Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red    Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red

Shoes Sidi wire 2 carbon mast size 44.5 black white red. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Sidi Scarpe wire 2 matt carbon. 799 grams of pure technology.

Technological advances step by step, turn of the pedals, inexorable. Everything else becomes the past. A stylistic restyling and technological innovation essence of upscale home wilier. Techpro microfiber technology equipment is able microfiber leather made in Italy that can be defined as high-tech and innovative eco-friendly products-child sports technology requiring a high level of performance. Microfiber TechPro has strength, stability, lightness, resistance to water and environmental compatibility. The microfiber TechPro undergoes hydro treatment to reduce the rate of dabsorption water and mildew resistant, to be excluded from the formation of mold and bacteria. The microfiber TechPro is Oeko-tex certified does not contain harmful substances and must respect the limits of the law.

Soft technology the closure instep this is a belt arranged on the instep of the foot-shaped, flexible and anatomical coupled with a flexible material for added comfort. Uniformly distributed pressure on the instep of the foot and sets on both sides for a perfect centering of the instep strap is low or high. The system eliminates the need for a spacer.

Single push techno 3 the central mechanism, only 3 push techno, creating a perfect balance of tension between inside and outside of the shoe. The symmetric closure ensures optimum closure chassis that conforms to all kinds of instep of the foot. Innovative button added to the rotor if pressed, lift the lever to facilitate lajustement. Dajustement heel heel adjustment mechanism Technology strengthens and improves the spoiler in the back lajustement closing of the shoe more firmly squeezing the heel while not barefoot for pedaling efforts. Each side of the heel can be adjusted independently for a perfect fit.

For individual adjustment, turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the mechanism to the mark to loosen. Lightweight, easy to use and replaceable.

The heel is reinforced to prevent deformed by prolonged pressure. Sidi Cycling Shoes feature replaceable polyurethane heel heels key. Vent carbon single technology sole carbon Levent uses a replaceable light polyurethane heel to improve walkability and dair integrated electrical socket replaceable. The main advantages of single carbon ventilation is not only a greater transfer of power, and thanks to its lightness and rigidity, but also provide greater comfort at high temperatures.

Carbon wind sole has dune dair dair integrated socket and ducts for ventilation and dispersion of heat. Dair entrance can be opened or closed, for maximum comfort in any season. The sole carbon wind is done by hand, using only weave woven carbon fiber fabric, which maximizes the rigidity allowing a minimum degree of deflection controlled in the tip.

This decline carefully thought out, relieves stress and improves circulation biomechanically plantar tendons. On the single printed Levent atoms is a straight wedge alignment, which allows adjustment of 10 mm front and rear and the ability to store the position of the wedge look, making it easier to replace. Shoes Sidi as adjusted: we recommend that you select a number of more.

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Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red    Sidi Shoes Fil 2 Mat Carbon Size 44.5 Color Black White Red